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Camp code: BG-CVS 6.2:

Country: Bulgaria
Start Date: 21 Jul 2013
End Date: 03 Aug 2013
Topic: 6: Environment
Number of volunteers: 8
Free places last update: 2013-06-13
International age: 18 – 99
National age: 16 – 99
Extra Costs: 0.00
Optional Language: English

Description: Vlahi Nature School is a long-term initiative, based on the principles of sustainable living, volunteering and environmental education. Over 7 years of volunteer labour revived the old village school building, using traditional building techniques, combined with modern energy technologies in order to create a demonstration and education centre for sustainable lifestyle practices and interaction with nature. The School features dry composting toilets, rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation, integrating the principles of sustainability and permaculture in the design of the garden and in the house

Type of Work: The camp has two main goals: – build a small artificial lake in the garden of the school(digging the lake, putting insulation, plastering the bottom etc.) – finishing the summer kitchen (work with wood, cutting tools, nails and hammers) – small renovation work It is expected to be hard physical work and will be 6 hours a day. As it is very hot during the day the working schedule will be 4 hours before noon and than 2 hours after a long siesta (i.e. 7.00-11.00 and than from 16.00 -18.00) The schedule will depend on the actual weather. Finally, we will be working in groups and rotating work.

Study Theme: Study Theme: During the workcamp you will have the possibility to learn about biodiversity conservation and energy efficiency. You will be introduced to the traditional building techniques used in the Nature school. There will be workshops and discussions on the following topics: • History of SCI International • Peace education • Intercultural understanding; working in small international teams • What are the environmental issues and main challenges in Bulgaria etc. The facilitators will be experts in the environmental field, peace education and/or intercultural understanding.

Accommodation: Tents in the yard or on the floor in the house. Bring a sleeping bag and sleeping mat. Please bring a tent if you have one. Food will be prepared by you. The kitchen is fully equipped. Food will primarily be vegetarian. The shower is outside, the water is heated by solar collectors. It is possible to take a bath in the river. The toilets are outdoors and composting.

Requirements: Motivated volunteers, ready to live for 14 days in basic conditions and prepared for hard physical work. Bring working gloves, strong boots and working clothes. Please be prepared for the conditions described above. They are part of the sustainability of the Eco-center.

Approximate Location: The village of Vlahi, municipality of Kresna is at the foothills of the Pirin mountains (declared as a National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site) Vlahi village is very small and rural. Only 7 people live permanently there, however many families have summer homes there. It is 500-600 m above sea level and the climate is Continental Mediterranean, which means it is very hot in the summer.

If you want to apply for this workcamp, contact your local SCI Branch. You can check them here>>

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