The youth exchange “There is a crack in everything: that’s where the light comes: moments of resilience is written and organized by the Italian association Artemide, financed by the European program Erasmus+. It will be held at the House Laboratory Cerquosino, run by Artemide association, a social eco-village located into the Elmo-Melonta’s natural park, near the city of Orvieto, Italy, from the 5th to the 13th of February 2018, it will involve 20 participants and 5 leaders from Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Montenegro and Lebanon. Participants will have the possibility to experience life in nature with a low impact on the environment. Alongside the nature based experiential session, the exchange includes typical non-formal learning methods such as group works, workshops, simulations, reflections and excursions.



The main objective is to start up a process of personal growth through sharing a collective experience. The themes we have chosen for this exchange are social inclusion, active citizenship which strengthens the spirit of initiative of young people, their creativity and their entrepreneurship, solidarity and their ability to collaborate with and beyond the differences

By managing and sharing the path, laboratory activities, games of knowledge focused on the methodology of non formal education, the exchange “There is a crack in everything: that’s where the light comes: moments of resilience”, is a real simulation of active citizenship in order to provide participants with new tools useful to cope with certain aspects of their discomfort. The simulation is a true “active laboratory of needs”. Within the shape of an educational path the young will give their own creative and innovative contribution at everyday activities. A further objective is to ensure that the gap of difference and resistance to the new and different is less deep, to get to enable new models of inclusion, going against the logic racist, sexist and xenophobic.


Italy– Cooperativa abc

Lebanon– Children and youth centre Shatila

Bulgaria– CVS Bulgaria

Montenegro– Centre for Civic Education

Germany– Mostar Friedensprojeckt Ev

20597182_1885449448443530_3427710789124289556_nParticipants from Bulgaria: 4 youngsters and 1 leader

Age limit: 19 – 25 years old

Language: English

Please bring white clothes which will be needed for the purpose of the activities

Financial conditions: 100% food and lodgement covered by the project; travel expenses anticipated by the participants will be refunded at the end of the project upon receipt of the travel documents in original and as soon as the Italian N.A. has paid the 1st instalment.

In the case of Bulgaria, the host covers 275 € for the travel expenses

You can find more information about the host тук!

In order to apply please fill-in this application form till 18th January and send it to Atanaska at!

Good luck!

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