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Contemporary societies, due to the immense interconnections existing and the increase of the mobility of people (voluntary or not, permanent or temporary), are characterized by cultural diversity and pluralism. This implies that the world experiences new phenomena in which the defense of identities, nationalism, the demands of social movements, the claim of cultural rights, etc. are mixed. For this reason, The purpose of this exchange is to contribute to overcome these challenges through the analysis of cultural diversity in order to exchange experiences and knowledge, discovering their links and facing t1_DwVgXzeIjBjn2OxBCjPglwogether the challenges it poses. All this from the need to develop a vision of cultural diversity that considers that diversity as a source of wealth and indispensable part of the solution and not as the source of the problems it faces.

That is why, thanks to this youth exchange we would like:

  • To promote the culture of dialogue, understanding and respect for the construction of a more diverse and inclusive society.
  • To emphasize the importance of cultural diversity in today’s society and its relation to common European values.
  • To encourage personal growth and the development of key competencies among participants, especially those with fewer opportunities, through positive interaction with differences and active participation

 When is it happening?

Arrival day – 13 July 2018

Departure day – 20 July 2018

Where is it happening?


The project will be held in Illora, a small town in province of Granada, Spain. The participants will be accommodated in the classrooms of a local school. Up to 8 or 9 participants in a room. There will be no mixed accommodation. Mattresses will be provided, but remember to bring your own linens. The bathrooms are located in a separate building, where the school gym is.

What activities will be happening?

  • Each group will have the opportunity to present their country in one of the evenings of the exchange
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes (there will be a walk). The weather is warm, so do not forget to take a sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, swimsuit.
  • Group acquaintances and sessions on the methodology of non-formal learning to achieve the objectives of the exchange
  • Drinking alcohol will not be allowed.

Who will participate in this youth exchange?

The Bulgarian group and Spanish hosts will be joined by participants from Switzerland, Hungary, Italy and Poland.
This youth exchange is open to young people aged 18 to 30 and will be held in English. Participants are expected to be part of the full length of the youth exchange.

What are the financial conditions?

The travel expenses to be reimbursed to participants from Bulgaria are a maximum of € 360 per participant. Take into account, for transport between Granada and Illora, that you will use about € 6.

Food and accommodation for the duration of the project are fully covered by the Erasmus + Program.

Each participant has to take care of his / her own insurance for the YE period and the travel days. This will not be part of the reimbursement. As a member of the European Union, Spain has agreements on the recognition of insurance systems. Therefore, those who have a European Insurance Card can cover illnesses and accidents in the same way they are in their country. Please note that even if you have an EU insurance card it will not cover road accidents.

Application Contacts:

Please send your CV and motivational letter to cvs.katerina@gmail.com by June 18, 2018 at the latest.


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