Volunteering Circles II


“Volunteering Circles II” is a long-term initiative of the organization CVS-Bulgaria, which includes 11 motilities in 4 circles (Volunteering, Social Inclusion and Integration, Human Rights and Art and Culture) as well as a number of complementary activities to improve the quality of the project results achieved in Bulgaria with international participation. The current project is inspired by an already existing initiative in CVS-Bulgaria and builds on it, on the one hand following the expansion of the organization’s activities, which in turn are driven by the needs of the local community and participating youth volunteers, and on the other – through the construction of online training courses for volunteers in the relevant thematic areas.

The short-term goals of the project are related to raising the awareness and training of young people regarding:

1) the opportunities for volunteering in Bulgaria, Europe and the world
2) the marginalized groups in the country, the challenges they face and the opportunities for their social inclusion
3) human rights and freedoms in their real dimension and importance for our daily life
4) the inclusion of young people in cultural life and promotion of European citizenship.

The achievement of these short-term goals will in turn lead to the achievement of the long-term goals we set for ourselves, namely:

1) improvement of social inclusion, inclusiveness and a sense of civic belonging, initiative and activism
2) inclusion and empowerment of young people from marginalized/vulnerable groups incl. migrants and refugees, Roma, people with different abilities, etc.
 3) the creation of human and social capital, through the acquisition of key competencies and increasing the chances of realization on the labor market in the social and cultural sphere
4) turning into deeds basic European values such as justice, solidarity, non-discrimination, non-violent conflict resolution, knowledge and respect for human rights and peaceful coexistence in the conditions of cultural and religious pluralism.

The Call for volunteers can be found here

Volunteering Circles II project /2020-3-BG01-ESC11-094933/ is co-funded by the European Solidarity Corps program of the European Union, operated by the Human Resourse Development Centre in Bulgaria.