What it’s like to be a volunteer?

Volunteers are seldom paid; not because they are worthless, but because they are PRICELESS!photo of volunteers

“Volunteer” is not a new word for Bulgarians, however “to be a volunteer” in Bulgaria is something that still gains popularity and is trying to catch up with its fellow equivalents abroad!
For those who would like to know more before they are tagged with the label “volunteer”, we could mention that the etymology of the word comes from the Latin „voluntaries”, which means   «voluntary», «by free will». In Bulgarian the word sounds as a combination between “good” and “will” i. e. good, free will or will for good deeds. Thus we can conclude that the volunteer is ready to do a certain job, which benefits the society and fights for a certain good cause. The voluntary work is usually connected with the altruism and the idea of humaneness, which mainly consist of readiness to help with no expectations to get something in return. In addition, however it looks mostly oriented towards the others, the work of the volunteer definitely fulfils his/her inner needs and aspirations and this makes it more and more appealing to people from different age groups.

What it’s like to be a volunteer is a question with many possible answers:

To be a volunteerphoto of a volunteer– this is a freedom of spirit
To be a volunteer- this is a journey
To be a volunteer- this is an adventure
To be a volunteer- this is a priceless experience
To be a volunteer- this is an opportunity to help a cause, close to your heart
To be a volunteer- this is the ability to do something which benefits the society
To be a volunteer- this is a new friendship
To be a volunteer- this is a challenge
To be a volunteer- this is a unforgettable memory
To be a volunteer- ……it is up to you to write something here!

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