Earlier Projects with CVS Bulgaria

Workcamps in 2013

CVS – Bulgaria organized the following workcamps in the summer 2013:

Workcamps in 2012

CVS – Bulgaria organized three workcamps for the summer 2012:

We also hosted an International workcamp:

Take a Look Around

From January to June 2007 CVS-Bulgaria, with BlueLinks’ support and financial help from State Agency YOUTH, realized the project Take a Look Around which main goal was popularizing of the voluntary services and activities in Bulgaria.
The project took place in six cities throughout the country and was carried out by some of the most active CVS’ volunteers, supported by the head of the project.

The project itself consisted of:

  • informative meetings with youths and organizations;
  • one-day voluntary activities;
  • organizing of workcamps;
  • adding new youths and organizations to the CVS’ mailing-list.

The last stage of the project was the making of different statistics summing up the achieved results. This was very important for planning the future CVS’ activities for spreading the voluntary service’s idea in Bulgaria.
Many of the participants in the project are now active volunteers and take part in Bulgarian and European projects, workcamps and other initiatives.

Youthful is Useful: CVS.05 – for a new image of the voluntary service

Youthful is Useful is a three year bilateral project between CVS-Bulgaria and SCI-Switzerland supported by DEZA with the aims to popularize voluntary service in Bulgaria and strengthen CVS-Bulgaria as a volunteer organization, working in the social and environmental fields. During the project there were 32 international voluntary workcamps carried out, 300 international volunteers hosted, 100 Bulgarian volunteers sent abroad on workcamps, long-term projects and trainings, 2 Bulgarian cultural weeks in Switzerland and an Eco-Bike-Tour from Bern to the village of Vlahi in Southwestern Bulgaria.

In Harmony with Nature, 2004

The aim of the project was the promotion of the intercultural exchange, the values of the voluntarism and raising environmental awareness among the young people in disadvantaged situation from 3 Bulgarian social institutions and socially disadvantaged teenagers from Belgium, France and Slovenia through getting information and provoking discussions on local and global environmental problems, like solid waste pollution, recycling, biodiversity protection, etc. The project was located in the region of Sandanski, Southwestern Bulgaria. The project was financed by the National Youth Agency under Action 1 of YOUTH Program.