Be Active, Broaden Your Perspectives

Encouraging Young People in Bulgaria

CVS-logoFrom December 2006 to December 2007 CVS-Bulgaria realized the project ‘Be active, Broaden your perspectives. Encouraging young people in Bulgaria’ which gave the possibility to young people from Bulgaria to participate in various trainings, meetings, and workshops. Various institutions from different parts of Bulgaria were also involved in the project.

The participants in the activities were mainly active volunteers of CVS-Bulgaria that have taken part in different projects such as seminars, trainings, workshops, workcamps, and international exchanges. The primary aim of the project is to encourage these young people to become active members of civil society through volunteering. By participating in CVS-Bulgaria’s trainings and projects they were able to not only improve their organizational skills and empower their critical and creative thinking, but also to put into practice the gained knowledge and experience.

The main activities of the project included:

  • Celebration of December 5th,
  • Two volunteer meetings,
  • Six workshops,
  • Four trainings and
  • Three workcamps.

The project was very intensive and successful. Over 150 young Bulgarian people were trained through the numerous project activities, gaining more self-confidence and knowledge on topics related to voluntarism, human rights and so on. The organization process was very vibrant and there was a constant need of adaptation to the circumstances in order to achieve the envisioned goals of the project. This project was also beneficial to CVS-Bulgaria as it helped the organization to redefine its priorities for future work through absorbing the ideas and proposals stemming from the young and innovatively-thinking volunteers and facilitate the process of their implementation.