Which costs are covered by the volunteer

  • travel expenses to and back from the workcamp venue
  • costs for leisure activities and any additional excursions
  • visa costs, if it is needed; CVS – Bulgaria and the hosting organization support the volunteer in the process
  • administration fee, paid when applying for the workcamp

The administartion fee is 80 BGN, which is paid by bank transfer or e-pay. The fee for a second workcamp is 70 BGN and for every other – 60 BGN.

The fee for participating in a workcamp on the Balkans (Albania, Kosovo, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Slovenia, Montenegro and Macedonia) is 60 BGN.

For North – South exchange (workcamps in the region of South-East Asia, Sub-Sahara Africa and South America) there is an additional fee of 30 EUR paid by the volunteer. The volunteer contribution aims at supporting the solidarity and cooperation between the North and the South.

The fee for participating in a workcamp in Bulgaria is 20 BGN


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