Peace Messengers

Peace Messengers are volunteers who carry the message of Peace. Their post routes are the routes of work camps and other volunteer projects. Their happy customers are the volunteers from all over the world who gather every year to prove to the world that humans can live and work together in peace, regardless of their background, race, abilities, gender and all other differences.

photo of disabled gunPeace messenger network was created in order to improve the quality of the peace education within SCI International. Peace Messengers are volunteers visiting work camps in order to run peace education activities. They can visit work camps of their own branches, or in other countries.

There is no fixed format for Peace Messengers sessions. They can run a one hour, one evening, one day or even a one week-end programme, depending on their availability and the time that can be freed during the workcamp. The activities can be very different: an exercise aiming at raising awareness on one particular issue related to peace, a presentation, a testimony, an artistic workshop, or even a whole programme resulting in workcamp participants running awareness raising activities themselves in the local community. The aim is to raise awareness on peace-related issues, and giving tools to participants that they can use back home, after the work camp.

5 steps to become a successful Peace Messanger:
  1. Visit the Peace Messenger website to get started
  2. Check with your local branch and enroll in a Peace messenger training
  3. Read the Peace Messenger Handbook
  4. Find out helpful resources for your workshops
  5. Follow your heart and spread the word!