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A summer camp for local and international youth learning about the cultural heritage and helping on the rehabilitation of the stone structures.

Dates: 18/08-28/08 2014 (10 days)







Number of Volunteers: up to 20 (local & international)
Location: Junik, Western Region
Background: This summer camp will be organized in Junik, a town located in the West of Kosovo, which is known for its stone structures namely “kullas” that were used for housing and whose yards were usually surrounded by stone walls. The local community cherishes their heritage, thus aiming at promoting their town in the future as “stone town”. Junik is located on the left bank of the river Erenik and in the right side of river Trava, in picturesque Gjeravica Albanian Alps.

The camp: The summer camp on rehabilitation of stone structures will offer unique opportunities for young international and local professionals and volunteers interested in rehabilitation of stone structures to learn and work together on a concrete example. At the same time, through activities in conservation and restoration of stone structures, local and international participants will have the chance to share their cultural diversity, share new ideas, and discover the new aspects of cultural diversity. Work: Field work on the designated area for rehabilitation of stone structures. No previous experience is required. The agenda includes couple of lectures about the vernacular architecture on the Balkans and cultural heritage, as well as an excursion day to Peje/Pe?.

Study subject: Education and rehabilitation of stone structures (kullas, mills, perimeter walls) in Junik Accommodation: Tents, located in a forest park of Moronica in Junik. Showers and toilets available.

Food: Provided in a local restaurant, 100m from the camping spot.
Travel expenses: not covered (except from Pristina – Junik – Pristina on the arrival and departure days)
Project Language: English
Participation Fee: 20 €

Project Partners: Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS), Municipality of Junik, Regional Centre for Cultural Heritage Pej?/Pe? & Joint Project EU/CoE Support to Promotion of Cultural Diversity-PCDK.

The Implementing organization: Balkan Promotion.

Contact Persons:
Merita Limani Merita.LIMANI@coe.int
Angela Pencheva angelapbh@gmail.com

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