Are you planning an anti-racism action, and are you looking for funds? XminY may be able to help! Read on to find out how.

What is XminY

XminY supports social movements, action groups and changemakers fighting for a fair, democratic, sustainable and accepting world.

XminY is a unique worldwide action fund that has been supporting social movements for more than 45 years. XminY is supported by a few thousand individuals in the Netherlands who donate to the fund. This ensures our independence and freedom to determine our own political position and strategy.


XminY believes in the power of people to shape their world. Every great social transformation starts with brave individuals who take the first steps along the road to change. These are ordinary people who stand up in their communities, encourage others, and work together with them in the struggle for a fair, just, sustainable and accepting world.

Bottom-up change
XminY believes that problems can best be approached from the bottom up. Local activists and grassroots organisations know best what is the most effective way to realize their goals and how to give a voice to those who are unheard. XminY is proud to support these changemakers in their struggles.

Grassroots groups
XminY primarily supports groups that are new, small or controversial. Often, they do not receive support from bigger donors or governments; they do not meet donor requirements, of their questioning of established interests makes them contentious in their own regions. The projects XminY supports stand out because of their critique of the current economic and governance systems, and their dedication to putting people and planet before profit.

What we support
XminY supports demonstrations, occupations, direct action and other creative ways to change the world. XminY supports projects within the following categories: ecology, living and land rights, emancipation, media and democracy, peace and human rights, refugees and anti-racism, work and globalisation. We fund individual projects with a maximum grant of €3000, and the budget for the entire project cannot exceed €20.000. 

How to apply

Applications can be submitted by using the forms on our website. Please read our general criteria (below) and the costs we cover carefully before submitting your application. It would be a waste of your time if you put a lot of effort in an application that doesn’t match our criteria! We ask you to provide background information, concrete data, your planned activities and a detailed budget. There is no deadline for sending your application to XminY. But please keep in mind the decision making process can take up to two months, so apply on time!

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General criteria

  • XminY only supports groups, organizations or social movements that fight for an honest, just and ecologically sound society.
  • XminY only supports projects that aim to mobilize and inspire individuals and groups.
  • XminY only supports projects that go beyond specific individual or ethnic interests.
  • XminY prefers to support demonstrations, blockades, occupations, direct actions, revolts, revolutions and other creative forms of confrontational action.
  • XminY prefers to support grassroots organizations.
  • XminY prefers to support politically controversial projects that have difficulty finding financial aid elsewhere.
  • XminY prefers to support projects that lead to political actions.
  • XminY prefers to fund projects that are part of a long term strategy.
  • XminY supports projects with a maximum of 3,000 euros.
  • XminY only supports projects with a total budget of less than 20,000 euros.
  • XminY doesn’t fund structural costs like wages or rental costs.
  • XminY doesn’t support conferences, seminars, debates or other meetings unless they clearly aim to prepare for political actions.
  • XminY doesn’t finance juridical procedures unless these are part of a broader activist campaign.
  • XminY doesn’t support political parties.
  • XminY doesn’t support groups that try to exclude other progressive movements.
  • XminY doesn’t fund projects specifically aimed at disabled people or children.
  • XminY doesn’t fund humanitarian aid or healthcare.
  • XminY doesn’t fund emergency aid.
  • XminY doesn’t support cultural or educational projects that only aim at raising awareness.
  • XminY doesn’t fund micro-credit programs or income generating projects.
  • XminY doesn’t support projects through third parties. We want to cooperate directly with the groups we support, without an additional bureaucratic layer in between.

The Team of XminY Solidarity Fund

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