Structure of CVS-Bulgaria

Within CVS-Bulgaria the main decisions are taken by a General Assembly that meets at least once a year and a Steering Group which implements the resolutions of the General Assembly. The Steering Group gathers six times a year (each second month). There are also staff members (not full time employed) that organize CVS-Bulgaria activities and conduct the administrative work. The rest of the work is undertaken by CVS-Bulgaria’s volunteers. There are two working groups in CVS-Bulgaria in which the volunteers participate. One is the Social Working Group that deals with the social activities and workcamps and the

Steering Group

The Steering board of CVS-Bulgaria consists of: Dilyana Gyurova-Kyupeliyski,  Katerina Stoyanova (Chaiperson), Miroslava Popova and Laska Deliradeva:

CVS Staff

Currently our staff consists of: