The “Mindful Youth Work: Cultivating Well-Being in Yourself and Others” training course gathered 30 participants from 8 countries and 17 nationalities for the period 9-16.05.2024 in Pozna?, Poland.

CVS-Bulgaria was happy to send our participants – Denitsa, Katya, and Maya. Here you can find their impressions:

We would like to express our gratitude for the wonderful workshop for youth workers in Poznan, Poland from 9 to 15 May 2024.

It was a great chance to get involved in the training course: “MINDFULL YOUTH WORK: Cultivating well-being in yourself and others” that was a part of the project “Stop, Reflect, Do Better” organised by SCI Poland.

We are thankful for the opportunity to meet young people from many countries. The precious moments that we spend with the participants, all discussing the ways for our and our young people’s well-being that will exert great influence on our youth work.

We, the participants from CVS-Bulgaria expresses our acknowledgment for the organizational details that made for transforming a group of individuals of different backgrounds and cultures to establish long-lasting friendships and to start planning future joint activities.

An enormous thank you for the trainers that took care of our well-being during the course and provided us with extremely useful advices for our future work with the young people in our organizations, implementing non-formal educational methods, group work, problem-solving, and clarifying the 8 dimensions of well-being, including the experience of the environmental well-being by walk in the forest, hiking around the lake and swimming in the pool.

Thank you Natalie Jivkova and Goska Tur. Thank you to SCI Poland and CVS-Bulgaria.

The training was a part of the Stop. Reflect. Do Better project and was implemented by SCI Poland thanks to the co-funding by the European Union.

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