Let’s explore together Volunteering from A to Z

In 2015 CVS-Bulgaria started a chain of projects following the philosophy of exploring a topic from A to Z. So far we have developed and successfully implemented the following projects: EVS from A to Z,  Mentoring from A to Z and Human Rights from A to Z and would like to continue the A to Z brand.

Based on the positive experience and the further need of learning, sharing best practices and developing our volunteering projects, we are planning to apply for a new project  – Volunteering from A to Z for the first Round of the Erasmus+ programme, the deadline 5th February 2019.The project will be a further step in organizing and implementing volunteering projects of high quality by developing and improving the competences of project managers, coordinators, supervisors and support staff. The projects will consist of two events:

  1. Project Management Seminar – aiming at building up competences of the participants on initiating, implementing, evaluating and enhancing follow-up phase of Volunteering projects – June/July 2019
  2. Volunteer Management Training – aiming at exploring the volunteer management cycle and improving competences for organizing successful and meaningful learning and service experiences of the volunteers, organizations and local communities – October/November 2019

We are looking for partner organizations, with interest in the topic of volunteering, from the programme countries, willing to be actively participating and involved during the whole project and send 2-3 participants to both events (the seminar and the training course). Please have a look at the description of the training course and if interested, get back to us as soon as possible (mentioning how many participants you can send for each activity) and send the mandate and PIF by latest 30th January to trainings@cvs-bg.org

More infromation you can find in the detailed Call for partners. Below are the documents we would like to recieve:

We will need the original mandate letter as well, to be sent to:

CVS-Bulgaira, P.O. Box 140, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria

For any further questions, please contact us at trainings@cvs-bg.org

Thank you in advance,

CVS-Bulgaria team

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