Useful materials have been created for Erasmus+: Youth in Action mobility project implementers within the framework of Erasmus+ strategic partnership “Project HOWs” project.

Partners from 4 countries – Baltic Regional Fund from Latvia, Vsl Inovatyvi karta from Lithuania, CVS-Bulgaria from Bulgaria, and Tudatos Ifj?s?g?rt Alap?tv?ny from Hungary – have worked together in the project to create support materials for newcomers to Erasmus+: Youth in Programme.

1. A research was conducted in the initial phase of the project to obtain data on the previous experience of the organisations in project implementation and to collect information from mobility project participants about their personal experiences and benefits which have been further used in the development of support materials.

2. An online learning platform has been created (in English),, which will help to get to know project components and develop project implementation skills in a more modern way. There are 7 blocks of topics available on the platform such as Project Management, Logistics, Participants, Learning Process, Evaluation, Dissemination and Follow-up, Something More and sub-topics are also available in each of them. The topics include both theoretical information and additional materials – videos/articles that help to understand a specific topic better, and at the end there is also an opportunity to test your knowledge.

The platform also serves as an access point for all developed materials and the platform’s learning themes are aligned with the manual and the educational game.

3. A “Pocket-Size Guide for Newcomers – Support for Erasmus+: Youth in Action for Mobility Project Implementers” has been developed and is available in the English, Latvian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, and Bulgarian languages. The material includes answers to many “HOW” questions of project implementation. It is intended for practical use and has been developed keeping in mind that it needs to include both useful information and practical tips and techniques that can be used in projects. We are aware that the guide does not contain all the necessary information and it will not provide all the answers, yet we hope that it will be a real help, stimulate curiosity, motivation, and desire to learn, grow, and implement even higher quality mobility activities.

4. An educational project game “HOWs Cards” has been created, and it is available in the English, Latvian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, and Bulgarian languages. The game contains 60 situation cards, each of which depicts a thought-provoking image and describes a specific situation. The cards also include questions encouraging users to think outside the box, look for solutions, develop strategic thinking, and face different real-life situations to discover new opportunities for personal growth and learning opportunities when organising Erasmus+ youth projects.

We hope that the materials developed within the framework of the project will become friends, assistants, and allies of organisations and project implementers, and will provide support at all stages and moments of project implementation.

The aim of the project has been to promote the quality of Erasmus +: Youth in Action project implementation, providing an opportunity for young project implementers to learn project implementation skills in an interactive, interesting, and educational way in order to increase the participation of young people and encourage more active involvement in the implementation of youth projects.

More about the project in Bulgarian

More about the project in English

Erasmus+ strategic partnership project “Project HOWs”, No. 2020-2-LV02-KA205-003404 was implemented from September 2020 to September 2022 and was financially supported by the European Commission through the “Erasmus+: Youth in Action” programme, which is administered by the Agency of International Programmes in Latvia.

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