Today was the last day of the seminar Mentoring youth with fewer opportunities during volunteer project. The seminar was financed by the European Commission’s programme Youth in Action and the . CVS Bulgaria hosted the event between November 1st and 6th. There were 30 participants in the seminar from 11 organizations from 11 countries – Bulgaria, Spain, Ireland, Great Britain, Belgium, Slovenia, Hungary, Macedonia, Syrbiq, France, Italy. The main goal of the seminar was to create a space for exchanging good and succsessful practices, techniques and methods on working with youth with fewer opportunities. Another main topic was the conflict management and resolution.

The participants’comments on the seminar and its organization were more than positive. Topics such responsibilities of a mentor of youth with fewer opportunities and the challenges that they face in their work were discussed during the seminar. There were discussions about the role of the mentor for the personal development of young people from a disadvantaged background. The methods included in the seminar were discussions, work in small groups, workshops, role play games. The active participation of the volunteers were stimulated by the following methods – “open space” и “world cafe”.

Most of the participants shared the opinion that the seminar had deepened their knowledge in the field and now the felt more secure when working with the target group. It became clear that the information and the work we did during the seminar fulfilled the possible lack of knowledge in some fields.

Another main goal of the seminar was to gather all the good practices shared by the participants in the topic and to organize them in a guide in mentoring youth with fewer opportunities. The guide will be in English. We have formed an international team to work on the guidebook, to design it and to print it in the next two months. End of January you can expect the guidebook published!

More photos and some comments from the participants you can find on the CVS Facebook page here. 

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