EVS in CVS or I am the luckiest volunteer

I already spent 49 days in Bulgaria as an EVS volunteer of CVS Bulgaria, and I honestly think that I am one of the luckiest volunteers. Why? If you want to know I can share with you my Bulgarian days.

photo of volunteers

After hanging a poster, I wait at the top of the elephant for colleagues to join me.

One part of my life is working in CVS-Bulgaria where everybody is so kind, helpful, well prepared, diligent, motivated. I’m working at the office with Snezhi; we organize info days at the Hungarian Institute; we select participants to youth exchanges; we make contact with our candidates; I participated in the Familatlon with Mira and Zori, in the Irish night with Snezhi, Mira and Sophi; I met with the social group; I participated in the board meeting; I met with a lot of motivated volunteers; we organized a preparation training for participants to youth exchange with Tomi; and I know the life here.

I spend one day in the Hungarian Institute every week. These days are the best for me. I can use my mother tongue and there the staff is fantastic, I really like them. Sometimes I work with the porter, sometimes I have office work, sometimes I work in the library and sometimes they let me play the piano and in that time I’m really happy.

photo of volunteers

Climbing Mt. Vitosha, which I can see from my flat, with new friends from Romania and America.

The other part of my life is much more than I ever thought. I accidentally met with a Bulgarian singer who makes my life so great. I was singing already three times with her in Bulgarian and in Hungarian: on the children’s day, at a musical night and at a festival. She introduced me to some other singers, writers, artists, poem writers, painters. She spends with me a lot of time, and she takes care of me, which feels as if I have a new mom here. We visited some places in Sofia, and she found me a choir where I can sing again as I did in my hometown. In the choir I have some very kind choir mates, and we spend our time together singing, talking which is such a good feeling.

And last but not least I live in Sofia. Sofia is wonderful with a lot of programs, with beautiful parks, with kind people. Here I have everything what I need. In the first week we went to the military marching with my flat mate; I participated in the opening of the Hungarian week; I was in some event in Hungarian Institute; I participated in a two days long musical festival; I was marching with a thousands of people from NDK to South Park in a sport event; I met with students who learn Hungarian in the university; I met with interesting people and I saw nice places. And I feed the pigeons every day. I can see the mountains from my window, I can feel the sunshine every day, I can hear a beautiful voice of the birds in the parks… I just simply like living here.