Nowadays creativity is one of the most required skill on the labour market, it is useful  and  needed  in  many  areas  of  job  positions  and  areas  like  project management,  risk  management,  planning  future  and  career,  team  work,  work under the stressful situation, critical thinking…

Formal education very often forgets about development of creativity potential, even if it is so important. That is why even if creativity is a natural skill which just needs to be find and develop, very often is notice like a talent or rare skill. It is important to increase  knowledge  about  creativity  as  a  natural  skill  and show the ways how it can be developed and used at the labour market, especially in an intercultural environment. That is why, thanks to this youth exchange we would like:

  • To show that creativity potential is natural competence and can be develop as a natural human skill,  increasing the belief of each participant in own creativity potential and its power.
  • To  learn  how  to  use  creativity  potential  at  the  labor  market,  focused  in intercultural environments.
  • To  learn  how  to  use  tools  of  creativity  at  labor  areas  like  critical  thinking process and collaborative problem solving process.
  • To  provide  an  individual  and  group  learning  experience  through  a  practical process  and  experimentation,  enabling  participants  to  reflect  on  their  learning process and learn more about Youthpass.
  • To provide a broad introduction to Erasmus + in the part of youth

More about the organizers:


 Somos La Otra was founded for a group of people with a long experience working in youth and social issues as a  platform  of  project  development.  With  the  aim  of  supporting  the needs  of  young people, we  work  promoting and implementing local development projects in the Region of Granada through:

  • Designing and developing social, cultural and sporting activities which lead to the development space for young people who identify with them.
  • Promoting  interaction  between  young  people  of  different  cultures,  social realities  and  beliefs  so  as  to  lead  to  a  deepening  of  miscegenation  and integration.
  • Creating  networks  between  different  collectives  and  public  and  private institutions, fostering cooperative relationships.
  • Stimulating a free exchange of views on various topics of interest.

Who will participate in this Youth Exchange?

The participants will be coming from Bulgaria, Hungary, Portugal (each one of them represented by 6 people), as well as from Spain – by 8. The  youth  exchange  is  open  for  young  people  18-30  (one  of  the  participants could be 17). Be aware that this activity will be in English. Participants are expected to be part of the full duration of the youth exchange.


Please have a look on our Maximum Travel Budget chart. Remember, to your total budget you need to add your local transportation (getting to an airport and so  on).  Take  into  account  you  will  spend  around  5€  for  transports  between Granada and ?llora. Also keep in mind, if your total budget ends over of this budget below, we are not able reimburse you the extra cost.


Budget for participant







 More details about the youth exchange you can find here!

In order to apply please fill-in this application form till 22st June and send it to Atanaska at!

Good luck!

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