evsОрганизацията Teruletfejlesztok a Videkert Egyesulet има одобрен ЕДС проект и спешно търси 4-ма доброволци от България за 1-месечен проект във ферма в Печ, Унгария.  Дейностите по проекта се планират да стартират през първата половина на месец септември.

Разгледайте информацията и ако проявявате интерес, изпрате възможно най-бързо CV и мотивационно писмо на английски език на Наталия на longterm@cvs-bg.org.


About Pecs and about the project

Pecs: The city is a very lively, cultural and historical city in the South of Hungary, close to the Croation boarder. Besides its numerous minorities (Roma, German, Croatian, Serbian, etc.) it is also full of foreign students. For further information, please check http://english.pte.hu/menu/54/22

Hamvas-Kert: This model farm is ran by a family, and aims at showing urban children and people those domestic animals and basics of gardening that were usual in rural areas in Hungary, but are disappearing from the villages. The visitors can see the animals, try out milking, feeding and cleaning them, and they can also follow the way of basic food – like sausages, cheese, bread, pasta, etc.

Learning aims: The volunteers have the opportunity to take part in the work with the animals, and they can also learn how to do physical work in the garden. Those, arriving from cities can experience the basic power of nature, they can switch off from their everyday activities, they can try their physical power, they can learn how to manage common living with others even from a different culture and they can slow down for the period of the service.

Profile of participants: Those, with any kind of fewer opportunities – not travelling before, unemployed, people in bad economic situation, etc. The only restriction is that they cannot smoke, and we cannot accept volunteers with any addiction.

Tasks: In the morning: working with animals, preparing meals for each other, cleaning common spaces, work in the garden.

In the afternoon: preparing for a cultural evening in Pepita Kult?rt?r, and realising cultural and art activities, according the interest of the volunteers.

To the cultural activities you can prepare in the city in the office of the organisation.

Rules: No smoking, common work to maintain the common living – food, cleaning, hygiene, equal treatment to all and equal share of tasks and responsibilities, self-assessment of performance in the activities. You cannot bring visitors to the farm to sleep over. Visitors have to leave the farm at 9 pm.

Working clothes: Please, bring rubber boots, if you have at home. If you have clothes that you don’t use any more, they are more than perfect for working with animals. If you don’t have any, we will try to find you some.

Accommodation: The accommodation is on the farm, you will stay 4 people in the same room – no mixed rooms (boys and girls separately). Since this project is not in the summer, when you could also use the showers outside, you will have to organise your time in the bathroom. The family is also living in the farm, but in a separate building 250 ms from your accommodation.

Food: You will have to prepare food for each other. We will shop together, but you can also consume products of the farm – there will be a pig-killing (vegetarians doesn’t have to participate), you will prepare bread in the traditional oven, make cheese and pasta and you will cook for each other.

Public transport: There is a local bus, to which you will get a monthly ticket. PLEASE, BRING A PASSPORT PHOTO WITH YOU. The bus is in the centre in 15 minutes, and it is coming every 10-15 minutes until 11 in the evening.

Pocket money: You will receive 90 EURs according to the Programme Guide of the Erasmus + programme. You will receive it in Forints.

Holidays: It is a practice in this project, that volunteers can collect all their holidays – weekends and 2 days of holidays, together, and the last week of their stay is free – you can stay, or go to visit other places in Hungary. You can also decide to have your weekends, but then you will have to work until the end of the month.

Social networking possibilities: We are coordinating long-term volunteers (from Germany, Italy, Austria and Spain), with whom you can do common activities.

Youthpass: You will receive your Youthpass after you return home and we receive your tickets and boarding passes to your home countries.



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